Monday, July 9, 2007

The Laci Peterson Case: Showcase for the Smug and Arrogant

Those who followed the Laci Peterson disappearance, and then Scott's arrest and trial, know very well how much Mark Geragos was ridiculed by his suggestion that a satanic cult was involved, with expert after expert saying such things do not exist. These are just a few excerpts from an article in which the author fires back with his own experience investigating satanic cult murders and other criminal activities. No, he's not a Scott-supporter looking for a way to pin this on someone else. In fact, he says that "his gut" tells him Scott is guilty. He just wants to set the record straight on the existence of occult activities. Read the article.

I want to begin by making two things clear: One, I do not necessarily believe Scott Peterson, alleged murderer of his wife Laci and son Connor, is innocent. But I stand with the law: He is innocent until proven guilty. Two, I do not like lawyers. I do not like defense lawyers. I do not like about 99.9% of all the lawyers I have ever come in contact with. I know two lawyers, (one is my own), who are good, decent people. But all in all, I have come to see the justice system - even if it is the best in the world - as a broken system tangled up with so many loopholes and ridiculous rules, motions and delays that finding the truth in a court of law today is almost an accident if it happens.
The last straw for me was hearing someone on the Larry King Show say, "There has never been one documented case of satanic murder in the history of the United States." For days I found myself saying out loud (and to any poor soul that was in hearing range) "IT'S A LIE! A COMPLETE LIE!" For you see, as an occult crime consultant and trainer, I have seen more "documented cases" than most people have in an entire career in law enforcement. And I am angry and shocked that this man, and many more like him getting their 15 minutes of fame out of this tragedy, are getting away with what they are saying and NO ONE has been called on to present any facts!
When Laci Peterson and her unborn child disappeared Christmas eve from Modesto, California, my heart sank. In my work, there are certain criteria we use to determine if a case warrants further scrutiny to ascertain if there could be an occult connection:

- The Date
- Profile of the victim (certain dates call for specific types of victims)
- Location (Is it a previously tracked hot-spot?)
- Immediate family profile
- Other players
- Crime Scene
- Other similar crimes in area or on that date
Criminal Satanic groups do everything in mockery and reversal of Christianity, as was the custom since the first Gnostic "black masses" in the 16th century. The sacrifice of a pregnant woman would be a mockery of "Mary and baby Jesus" at Christmastime.

This author doesn't note it, but we do -- the striking coincidence of baby Conner being found on Palm Sunday, which is the traditional celebration of Christ's triumphant entry into Jerusalem and the beginning of the Holy Week, which culminates in his atoning death and resurrection. If Laci's disappearance and murder were part of a Satanic ritual, what better way to mock the Christian belief in the Atonement and Resurrection of Jesus Christ than to produce the dead infant on Palm Sunday?

The article includes much information, and is well worth the read.

Read the article.

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Bruce Dombrowski said...

have not seen any other examples of dead babies being "presented" on palm sunday in the years since this was brought fact, have never read about any satanic killings in any part of the country since this was brought up? been a slow decade i guess