Saturday, June 16, 2007

Nifong disbarred!

From the Associated Press:

A disciplinary committee said Saturday disgraced prosecutor Mike Nifong will be disbarred for his disastrous prosecution of three Duke University lacrosse players falsely acussed of rape — a punishment the veteran prosecutor admitted was appropriate. "This matter has been a fiasco. There's no doubt about it," said committee chairman F. Lane Williamson.

Williamson gave Nifong a scathing rebuke for his conduct. Apparently, he and the other members of the committee did not believe Nifong when he said his wrongdoings were not intentional.

Nifong will not appeal. This isn't the end of Nifong's time in the dock, however, as attorneys for the wronged players "have pledged to seek criminal contempt charges next week in Durham from a judge who has already taken care to remind Nifong he has the authority to impose punishment."

What punishment should Nifong receive? He should receive the same prison sentence the Duke players would have received if they had been convicted.

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