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Another comment on "The Mailman's Timeline"

We've received another comment on this article.

Firat of all, there is NO SHORT WAY to get from Lodi to Los Banos. As for Ron's fishing, Laci's body did not surface near Oakdale, did it?

"The Mailman's Timeline" doesn't even mention Ron or Ron's fishing, or the short way to get from Lodi to Los Banos.

The first comment published on the article does. We publish all comments that are in good taste, whether they agree with us or not. However, we are not a message board, so please comment on the articles, not on other comments.

Comments on "The Mailman's Timeline"

One reader posted this criticism of Jane's analysis (you can read it if you click Comments for the article):

I take "the long way" quite often to avoid traffic and lights, no big deal really.

I totally disagree with this "article". It is "guessing" at the times, and discounting Servas' time line altogether when it was backed up by testimony, cell records, and a cash register receipt.

Nice try, but it makes no sense what-so-ever.

Yes, we discount Servas' testimony, and for very good reason.

Servas' timeline is backed up by "her" testimony, and "her" testimony alone.

Servas' timeline is backed up by cell records which are not available for examination and verification, and which, from the testimony, were not even examined or verified by the Geragos law firm. No cell tower information was provided to prove her location when the call was made. No effort was made to confirm the phone number belonged to the person she said she called.

Servas' timeline is backed up by a receipt that is unreadable, and the time written on it is based on her word only -- absolutely no effort was made by the MPD to confirm the date and time of the purchase. The receipt had been in her jeans pocket for only a few days, and had not gone through the laundry (according to her testimony), so why was it unreadable?

Servas' credibility was severely undermined when she admitted that she believed, for an entire year, that she left for her evening engagement at 5:00 p.m. when in fact she had left at 4:00 p.m.

Servas' timeline is contradicted by credible eye witnesses who saw Laci walking in the neighborhood and who were not even interviewed by the MPD until months and months later.

Servas' timeline is contradicted by Amie Krigbaum and Terra Venable.

Servas' timeline is contradicted by Susan Medina.

And, as Jane so clearly established, Servas' timeline is contradicted by the Mailman.

Jane's information on the Mailman's route is taken exclusively from his own testimony and from documents he produced. No guesswork was necessary. He gave the times he spent on his route and the number of houses he delivered to. He gave the scan times and locations.

Yes, we totally discount Servas' timeline, and for very good reason.