Sunday, October 11, 2009

Laci's Story: Laci Peterson reveals her own story from beyond the grave

Another book about Laci Peterson has hit the market -- a 33 pager published by Rose Dog Books and selling for just $5 if you get the digital download version.

The author is anonymously called the Scribe, who according to the Publisher is a very old lady, and alleges that she has had visions since childhood. When Laci disappeared, she had visions of Laci, but tried to ignore them. Ultimately, Laci prevailed upon her to write her (Laci's) story.

The story Laci tells blatantly says Scott is innocent and 3 other men are guilty, but provides absolutely no details at all to help uncover the identity of these three men or produce evidence to prove they were the ones responsible for Laci's death and subsequent burial in the Bay.

Scribe does say Laci's abduction was a case of mistaken identity, but she does not say who she was mistaken for, except that she was called by the name "Missy Reporter." And Scribe indicates the 3 men expected to get $25,000 for this "Missy Reporter."

A few of the details are questionable. Scribe says Laci wore the same clothes she wore the night before to go for her walk in the park (those weren't exactly dog-walking clothes), and was abducted by 2 men in a van in the park. I'm not quite sure how that van could be driving in the park, but that is what she says. McKenzie seems to be quite at ease with what is going on, jumps into the van to be with Laci, but the two men shove him out a little bit later, in a small puddle of water, which presumably is how his leash got dirty. The other detail that is questionable is that the van is a white van painted brown with a paint that washes away in a car wash, which they go to right after abducting her.

Is the Scribe sincerely and honestly relating visions she received about Laci? Or is she pulling a scam?

Regardless, there is absolutely nothing in the story that can prove Scott Peterson innocent or anyone else guilty.