Saturday, May 16, 2009

Forum open again

As some of you remember, several months ago the server that hosts SII had some problems and I had to reload all of SII. In the process, the forum that was up and running went down, too. I planned to wait till the Civil trial got underway before opening it back up again, but now that is not going to happen.

However, the forum is up and running again. All of the previous posts were lost, but all registrations are still there. Everyone that was registered was sent an email, so if it was a correct email address, you should have received it.

If you do not remember your password, have the system send you a new one on the log in page. If you do not remember your password, send me an email with what you do remember, and I'll check the membership list for it.

The forum is different this time in that it is not only for discussion of the Scott Peterson case, so I've named it "Marlene's Chat Room." The rules are simple, and the most important ones are posted on each page. A little more useful information is on the Welcome page, which I strongly recommend you read the first time you visit.

New registrations must be approved simply because of the horrible problem with spammers invading forums. It's not because I'm trying to keep anyone out. All are welcome, regardless of past history with me or with anyone else, and regardless of your position on Scott's case or anyone else's.

If you are interested, click here.