Monday, March 24, 2008

Todd and the Bicycle

On January 2, 2003 Steven Todd and Donald Pearce were arrested and charged for the burglary which had taken place at the home of Rudy and Susan Medina sometime between 10:32 a.m. on December 24 and 4:30 p.m. on December 26 while the Medinas were out of town. The Medinas lived almost directly across the street from the home of Laci and Scott Peterson.

Todd and Pearce first claimed that the burglary had occurred during the early morning hours of December 27; but when MPD realized that Medinas were home by that time and the burglary had already been discovered, they accepted a revised account that said the burglary had occurred on December 26 between 3:30 and 6:30 a.m.

That’s not the only incredible information that MPD accepted from Steve Todd and Donald Pearce.

A large safe measuring 2 ½’ x 2 ½’ x 3’ was discovered at the residence of Todd and Pearce on January 2. When Officer Hicks of the MPD interviewed Todd and Pearce, he was told by them that the safe had been transported in the front seat of Pearce’s little white Honda from the Medina’s house to their residence. The police accepted this story as fact, even though there had been a report from Diane Jackson that she had seen 3 men with a van and a safe in the front yard at Medina’s on the morning of December 24 at 11:40 a.m.

Steve Todd and Donald Pearce were cleared of all involvement in Laci Peterson’s disappearance on January 3, 2003. After that time, no effort was made by MPD to find the 3 men or the van seen by Diane Jackson on December 24.

The Medina’s large safe, some of Mrs. Medina’s jewelry and a gun which had been inside the safe were recovered in various places in Modesto or returned anonymously to the police department. Another gun which had been in a camera bag was also recovered.

However, there were several things that were never recovered. The following is our transcription of the insurance form submitted by Medinas with a partial listing of items that were never returned to them. (Defense Exhibit I)

Fire Fyter Safe 2500 $242
Antique Ivory Hand figure
pliers set
4 cycle gas trimmer
Rolling tool box
3/5 Drill
Small pliers
32 piece airtool
Craftsman reciprocating saw
Reciprocating blade
Craftsman sabre saw
sabre blade
Polaroid camera
Canon camera
photo lens
portrait lens
regular lens
power winder
finishing sander
Black & Decker drill
Louis Vuitton bag
FF Safe 2500 $189
Linx knife
trimmer line
drill bit
Bypass pruner
grip wrench
pliers set
tool –plier
automotive tool
2 poly rope
Bostich brad nailer
clutch driver
mechanic tool set
power bit
65 pc. Bit set
recon. Edger
stud sensor
24 inch tool box
tie nipper
B&D hedge trimmer
ratchet tie down
Polaroid 600
camera bag, canvas
camera accessory
new French door keys
Binocular, Bushnell
2 sm. Binocular
gun bag for Beretta
Trimmer, speed space
Jewelry box, walnut
Jewelry box, oak
Numerous tools in the tool box

The only item transported in the little white Honda, according to Todd and Pearce, was the large safe and its contents. Todd said he removed the other items from the property on 2 trips home using his bicycle and a backpack.

Take another good look at this list. None of the tools taken from Medinas were ever recovered. How is it possible that Todd took all of these items away on his bicycle? The number of items and the number of heavy items makes this part of his story just as absurd as the rest of it.

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